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The López Lab seeks to understand how viruses interact with the immune system and discover determinants of viral pathogenesis that could be targeted to ameliorate the burden of viral diseases. Our efforts are focused on identifying viral and cellular factors that drive the development of effective antiviral immune responses able to control virus replication and dissemination, thereby minimizing pathology. We have identified defective viral genomes that are generated during virus replication as pivotal in these processes and we spend a lot of time investigating their role in defining the outcome and consequences of viral infections in vitro and in vivo. We are also very intrigued with the pathogenesis of paramyxoviruses, a family of a large number of clinically relevant pathogens that includes parainfluenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus, and human metapneumovirus. Our research has strong virology and immunology components and we use multiple in vitro and in vivo techniques to gather an inclusive mechanistic understanding of the processes that drive antiviral immunity, as well as those contributing to viral pathogenesis.